Amazons New Kindles – analysis from John Gruber

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Typically astute and interesting reading from John Gruber following the announcement of Amazons New Kindles.

I don’t own a Kindle, but if I was going to buy one – or, perhaps, y’know, maybe get one for Christmas – the new Kindle touch seems ideal.  I love the e-ink of Kindle’s that I have seen in use.

As Gruber points out, the Kindle Fire (the tablet version with web browser), is the first tablet that doesn’t take the iPad on on spec – and offers something that none of the previous round of iPad competitors do: content.

It’s all about the content, though. That’s the difference that other tablet makers missed. Motorola, Samsung, RIM — they seem to be chasing the iPad on specs, building the best tablet they can manage at the same starting price of around $500. But they have no clear message telling people what you can do with them.

Daring Fireball: Amazons New Kindles

The thing that still prevents me though is that the price of an e-book is still higher than the price of a paperback.  Given that distribution costs must surely be lower (even with all the new fancy cloud storage) and that you don’t actually have to print the damn thing, I don’t see why they can’t at least bring the price point to the same level.  Maybe they will.

And actually, thinking about it, outside of gifts most of my books are bought 2nd hand from either charity stores or from  So.

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