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So, over the week I build up a collection of open tabs in my browser which need reading … and finally, I had a little bit of time this morning to finish them off.  Listed below for your clicking pleasure:

  • First off, a series of three articles from .net magazine (y’know, I wish they’d rename … I keep getting horrible Microsoft framework flashbacks) in their ‘Insiders Guide’ feature.  It’s the ‘Insiders Guide to a successful website’ – the three articles covering design, build and promote.  A good breakdown from Laurence McCahill – co-founder of Spook Studio.
  • Secondly, a couple of bits for the responsive minded amongst us … this great guide on ‘Essential Considerations for crafting quality media queries‘  Such a simple thing, a little media query but – apparently – an awful lot to consider.  Certainly, discussion about break points is necessary – I’m working on a responsive project at the moment and have settled on just 2 break points (tablet and iPhone) – but this will change from project to project … and with the increasing proliferation of devices.
  • Then, the best article I think I’ve ever read on the why and the how (in terms of the considerations – rather than the nuts and bolts) you should start your responsive project – this from Elaine Simpson at UX Booth: How to design a responsive mobile website.
  • Finally, a little bit for us web designers – how to be your own best promoter.  It’s not often we get to work ‘on’ our business rather than ‘in’ our business – but here are a few tips on how to do some of your own marketing.

That’s it for now.  I’m still working away on the responsive project I blogged about the other week … it really should be launching soon and when it does I’ll be able to write about it properly again!

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