responsive jQuery video plugin

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Fit Vids - responsive video embedding
It’s been all about jQuery plugins for responsive web design these past few weeks … and here’s another good one: FitVids:

A lightweight, easy-to-use jQuery plugin for fluid width video embeds.

And, nicely done this, they’re using another responsive jQuery plugin – FitText for the heading text.

Nice work all round.  Hurrah!

more on responsive jQuery image sliders

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Ah well, now you’re talking … my recent post on a responsive jQuery image slider quickly became the most popular blog post on my website showing just how many people are looking for a responsive slider … and now, happily, there is a nice full featured jQuery plugin – FlexSlider – The Best Responsive jQuery Slider.

Super stuff.  There’s some pretty nifty options, like support for touch gestures, as well as the standard stuff (animation types, pause speed, fade duration, etc.)

Nice work from Tyler Smith – (via)

jQuery plugin for select elements / long dropdowns

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A while ago, I wrote a wee post on a good solution for long drop down menus.  Okay, at the time I said it was a ‘great’ solution … but y’know, times change.

So now, Chosen exists.  Chosen is a plugin for jQuery or Prototype that makes select boxes better.  Simple.  But it’s great, and intuitive, and unobtrusive – without javascript, you’re left with standard select boxes (ta-da!) … but for most users it’s a greatly enhanced experience.  I particularly like the Multiple Select with Groups. Good stuff.

I’m going to use this almost straight away … I’ve been looking for a more intuitive ‘user chooser’ for a recent web app that I’ve been working on … and this should be just the job.

jQuery image slider for responsive web design

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So, this was just what I needed right when I was looking for it.  A flexible jquery based image slider.

I’m converting a few of my old client sites to a responsive web layout using all the tips and tricks found in my shiny new copy of Responsive Web Design.  Now, if there’s one thing a client loves, it’s an image slider … and, for a while I’ve gone back and forth over a few different ones that I use regularly.

However, because they all worked with a fixed image height and width, none of them were responsive enough for the layouts I am using.  At this point, in walked Blueberry.

Now, it’s version 0.1 Beta so it might not be the most robust or well developed yet – it’s really a simple fader with just a couple of options.  But it meets the needs of about 90% of my clients – and all the sites I’m converting.  So, hurrah for that.

Blueberry – a simple, responsive jQuery image slider.